- 22nd to 25th of April 2011 - Time until opening :

Seminars - 2011

A brief insight into BESEN, the world's first feature complete ECMAScript Edition 5 Implementation

BeRo / Farbrausch & red / mercury / titan

BESEN is the world's first complete ECMAScript Edition 5 Engine. We will talk about the origins of BESEN and it's structure, like it's parser, optimizer, garbage collector and native-code-just-in-time compiler, and all their dirty tricks. BESEN was written entirely by Benjamin 'BeRo' Rosseaux, red will aid him with the presentation.

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Building up an oldscool-GFX-converter from the scratch

Prince / theObsessedManiacs / dienstagstreff / dieChefrocker / neoplasia

This seminar provides some basic information on building up a GFX converter for the C64 by using modern technology. You will learn how to prepare your graphical content aswell as there will be given a tight view on tricks and traps by developing own converter-routines. Furthermore you‘ll learn about the advantages about customizing your own GFX-formats. Newbies welcome!

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Compiler Based Next Generation Demo Engine

digi / alcatraz

At first an overview of the classical compiler pipeline is given which consists of lexer, parser, abstract syntax tree, intermediate representation, optimization and target code generation. This pipeline is then extended by a node/attribute system as a frontend to the compiler and a maya exporter as a content source. With this we can export the maya scene graph with animation of every attribute, mel expressions and complex shading networks which are split up between cpu and gpu for maximum performance. Some examples are shown.

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Elements of chip music


When working with a soundchip such as the SID or the 2A03, the artist faces a number of technical constraints that limit, guide and inspire the creative process. The seminar will highlight and briefly explain some of these constraints, with particular emphasis on how they influenced artists during the golden age of chip music to give rise to some of the clichés that now define the genre. We will also see (and hear) how variations of the same constraints have emerged in other genres and ages, and how composers such as Bach have tackled them in similar or different ways.

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Introduction to Score! - A new programming language

emoon / TBL

Score! is a new programming language which picks up after GOAL by Naughty Dog. It is a combination of low-level techniques (assembly) and high-level techniques (Lisp style macros) that boost productivity while being simple and powerful. Score! aims to bridge the gap with different architectures for the same target (SPUs on PS3, VU code on PS2, etc) while keeping everything in the same language. Score is also an interactive language which enables you to update any piece of code while the program is running and is a step away from the regular compile/link/run/test cycle.

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It's all about the sound - an introduction to mixing music

jco / neuro / aurevis media studios

The process of mixing aims at putting audio tracks together in a way that sounds pleasing to the listeners ear, at the same time bringing out the best of the music. While it has become easy to put some music together with an average netbook, getting the mix right not only requires the right tools, but also some knowledge about how to use them: clicking through presets doesn't help here. This seminar will be about acoustics and perception, audio gear, the typical tools required for mixing and recommendations on how to use them. There might be a bit of myth busting too. So, if you make music yourself and have none or little experience with EQs, dynamic processors, stereo imaging, routing and so on, this is for you. If you are involved with coding games or other applications incorporating audio, you might learn something too.

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Multithreading for Graphics

Chaos / Farbrausch

This seminar explains how to write a custom task-stealing engine, and how to integrate it in a 3D engine. It details some of the more messy aspects like memory management, working with vertex buffers and how to reorder the results that were randomized by the unpredictability of multi-threading. The demo "Magellan" shows how this works out in practice.

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NUFLI, MUIFLI & Video - State of the art in graphics on the Commodore 64

DeeKay / Crest

A very speedy introduction to Graphics on the Commodore 64 and an in-depth look at NUFLI, the latest full-color Highres graphics-mode and how to use it for full motion Video together with a Ram Expansion. We also take a look at how to use Mufflon, the PC-based NUFLI converter and cover the very colorful extremely detailed MUIFLI format.

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The DRM Of Pacman


An overview of the copy protection methods used from the 1970s up to today in Arcade Games and Pinball machines - ranging from lawyers to encryption to suicide schemes.

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The life of Heinz Nixdorf (the lecture is in german language)


Heinz Nixdorf founded the "laboratory for pulse technology", "Labor für Impulstechnik" in 1952. The company grew into a global player "Nixdorf Computer AG" with 25,500 employees in 1986. Nixdorf was the pioneer of the decentralized data processing. Its innovative theme "At-Work", "Computer am Arbeitsplatz" encouraged small and medium-sized enterprises to process their data electronically. He died at the CeBIT in Hanover on 17 March 1986. Cosowi commemorates the 25th anniversary of his death by dedicating this lecture to Heinz Nixdorf and acquainting a young audience in particular with the life and works of Germany's most important computer pioneer.

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The Tundra Build System

dep / TBL

The talk describes the Tundra build system, a new build system for native code developers designed from the ground up for multicore performance to give quicker iteration times compared to traditional build system like Make, Jam and SCons. After an overall description of the system and how it works, we will go into detail on the design and look at the way it achieves this level of performance with carefully written C code. Finally we will touch on the Lua configuration and extensibility so attendees can easily pick up and use the build system in their own projects.

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Cosmic / Higher Lyrics

The seminar will give you a look into Zbrush4 from Pixologic. You'll be shown what makes Zbrush special and where the differences to other applications are and how to integrate those into a smooth workflow in your daily working pipeline. If you take a little time to learn the basic concepts of Zbrush you'll be amazed how you will create stunning art in no time. Even if you can't draw. Zbrush is for the artist who wants to create without technical conventions. When it comes to production and technical requirements for game engines or realtime works, Zbrush has the tools on board to close the gap beetween art and technology. Zbrush isn't just a tool - it's a system, and used clever it'll blow your mind. So join the seminar and get to know Zbrush.

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