- 22nd to 25th of April 2011 - Time until opening :

New & noteworthy

So what is new compared to the last democompo you entered at an Easter party? Perhaps a lot, it depends on when and where your last Easter party was, but at minimum you will notice these changes:

PC Demo

  • We have removed any filesize limitation.
  • We will allow Java entries.  We will not install a Java Runtime on the compo machine, so you must provide your own. As this will not be installed you will have to use the command line switches.
  • We will allow DotNet entries. We will install the then-current version and patches of the latest DotNet runtime.
  • We will allow MacOS entries.  Just make sure that your production runs on an EXTERNAL display as well.
  • We will allow Linux entries. The distro will be WuBi with default packages and the then current nvidia driver. You will get 10 minutes to get your entry to run on this setup. Be original with your Linux demo ! Nobody is waiting for another "Windows Sucks!" statement with a dancing Tux, so save both yourself and us some valuable time.


  • Entries are limited to 5 minutes.
  • We will hold a quality preselection.


  • We have removed any filesize limitation.

Tracked Music

  • We re-officialized Tracked Music. Get your trackers out and submit your entries!

Oldskool Graphics

  • A new multiplatform competition for all oldskool systems that are able to display pixels. This competition expands on C64 Graphics competition.

Modern Graphics

  • No more confusion between Handmade, Freestyle or other named graphics compos, these have been merged into this single competition.

Oldskool 4k Intro

  • A new multiplatform competition for all oldskool systems. This competition expands on the C64 4K competition.

Amiga Intro

  • A new competition with a familiar view. We have combined the Amiga 64K and 4K competitions to improve overall quality and competition between the releases.

Web Browser Demo

  • A new competition. Working method is "everything that you can code in a webbrowser".