- 22nd to 25th of April 2011 - Time until opening :

Party rules

In order to make Revision a highly enjoyable event for all visitors, we need to set up a few rules which are easy to follow and will help to provide the perfect party experience:

No smoking inside the main hall. Due to german law it is not allowed to smoke anywhere inside the main hall. But don't worry, you will still be able to take a smoke in our big outdoor area.
We are neither responsible for any damage or loss of your property and/or data, nor for injuries and sickness. Demoscene parties are usually very safe places and people tend to look after each other and after each others property. So, when leaving your place for some time, ask your neighbours to have a bit of an eye on your stuff. Still, it is highly recommended not to bring valuable stuff with you to the party that you don't need.
No hard alcohol inside the main hall. Extremely drunk people will not be granted access to the main hall. In general, keep your drinking at a reasonably limit. Nobody will mind people having some beer with their scene friends, however if you start annoying or threatening people or damage the location or the property of others, you will be thrown out and have to bear all consequences.
Follow all rules concerning the general event safety. This especially includes all fire safety regulations. Any important information about such rules (e.g. concerning emergency exits) will be clearly visible around the party place. Any violation of these rules can have drastic consequences as they are not set up by ourselves but are employed by german law.
No games at the party. This is a demoscene party, dedicated to computer art, not a LAN or Leecher event. Gamers will be thrown out!