- 22nd to 25th of April 2011 - Time until opening :


This version of the timetable is pretty much final and shouldn't change significantly anymore.


12:00 Event: Doors open
21:00 Event: Opening Ceremony
22:00 Event: Awards


00:00 Event: Willbe
06:00 Deadline: Amiga intro
Deadline: Animation/Video
Deadline: Executable music newskool
Deadline: Executable music oldskool
Deadline: Oldskool graphics
Deadline: Photo
Deadline: Streaming music
Deadline: Tracked music
11:00 Seminar: The Life Of Heinz Nixdorf (in German)
12:00 Deadline: PC 4k
Seminar: Elements Of Chip Music
13:00 Competition: Tracked music
14:00 Competition: Oldskool graphics
Seminar: The Tundra Build System
15:00 Event: The Big Quiz, by Meaty
Seminar: Building Up An Oldschool GFX Converter From Scratch
16:00 Competition: Photo
Seminar: Compiler-Based Next Generation Demo Engine
17:00 Competition: Executable music oldskool
18:00 Deadline: C64 Demo
Event: Jobforum
Seminar: The DRM Of Pacman
19:00 Competition: Animation/Video
20:00 Event: DJ Hoffman
22:00 Competition: Amiga intro
22:30 Competition: Commodore 8bit Demo


00:00 Competition: PC 4k
Deadline: Modern graphics
10:00 Deadline: 4k executable graphics
Deadline: Wild
11:00 Seminar: NUFLI, MUIFLI & Video- State Of The Art In Graphics On The Commodore 64
12:00 Deadline: Amiga Demo
Deadline: Game
Deadline: Oldskool 4k Intro
Deadline: PC 64k Intro
Deadline: Web Browser Demo
Seminar: A Brief Insight Into BESEN, The World's First Feature Complete EcmaScript Edition 5 Implementation
13:00 Competition: Executable music newskool
14:00 Competition: Modern graphics
Deadline: PC Demo
Seminar: Multithreading For Graphics
15:00 Competition: Streaming music
16:00 Competition: Web Browser Demo
Seminar: Introduction To Score! - A New Programming Language
17:00 Competition: Game
18:00 Competition: Wild
Seminar: It's All About The Sound - An Introduction To Mixing Music
19:00 Event: Revision SceneBattle
Seminar: Zbrush4
21:00 Event: Glxblt On Stage
22:30 Competition: Oldskool 4k Intro
Competition: PC 64k Intro
23:00 Competition: Amiga Demo


00:00 Competition: PC Demo
10:00 Deadline: Voting
11:00 Event: Prizegiving