- 22nd to 25th of April 2011 - Time until opening :


Everything in and around Revision is done on a voluntary base by this large team of sceners:

Main Organizers

  Official main organizers D.Fox, styx
  Technical main organizer cyraxx
  Compoteam FRaNKy
  Beamteam kb
  Network Team DJefke, janusch
  Infoteam styx, madame
  Event&Seminar Team sirrah, acryd, scoup


  Lead FRaNKy
  Staff Charlie, chaos, pasy, mbb, eha, Gasman, mouldyCat, Spenot, fashion, psykon


  Lead kb, tobi
  Staff Gyrosgeier, groepaz, Shana, osmin

Network team

  Lead DJefke, janusch
  Staff carp, FlashBlue, Lutoma, Masta, schoum, Y0Gi, marden


  Lead styx, madame
  Shift Organizers PCrazee, docd, ddeml, messias
  Staff losso, mouldyCat, verschdl, allie, tomek, hArDy, sun, v3nomsoup, drice, madenmann, tengo

Event & Seminar Team

  Lead sirrah, acryd, scoup
  Staff ZoLO, shag, axelerator, PerfectPC, scamp, steltek, rasti
  Party Host Okkie

PR Team

  Lead D.Fox
  Staff Ziphoid, H2O, styx, acryd, ZoLO