- 22nd to 25th of April 2011 - Time until opening :


Dj Hoffman

Hoffman is no stranger to the demoscene. Back in the hey days of the Amiga he went by the names dreamfish! and Hydlide and was members of groups such as Quartz, DCS, TRSI as well as being one of the founder members of the legendary net label Mono. Hoffman left the demoscene in the late 90’s to concentrate on DJ’ing and music production. Part running the Breakbeat record label “Unstable Label” he released a number of tracks and remixes that we’re well received in the scene and resulted in DJ bookings all over the UK and Europe. After a visit to the Sundown Demo Party in 2010, where he DJ’ed a set of Amiga and C64 remixes, Hoffman got the bug back for the demoscene as is returning with his own group “Unstable Label”.


Jeenio's jam session

Jeenio is a real-life musician and multi-instrumentalist, composing scores for dance and theater pieces. He performs regularly with jazz, classical, rock and traditional portuguese musicians. He played with BASS! and was the leader of Ultrasound, playing gigs at Breakpoint, Evoke, Buenzli, IFParty and InérciaDemoparty.

If you want to join Jeenio, please send us a mail to with your (nick)name, instrument and whether you are bringing it or not.



Member of French demogroups Orion and Cocoon, maker of the Demovibes scene-music mixed compilations.

Willbe will play a tight selection of his loudest hip-hop & breakbeat demotunes, on drums and machines.


2nd stage

And if that's not enough for you - we'll have DJs rocking the 2nd stage at different times during the day and night to keep you entertained and happy. Do you feel like spinning turntables yourself? Drop us a note and get ready to rock the hall!